puzzlev2People expect you to have all of the answers. “That’s why you get paid the big bucks,” right?

Sometimes the questions are bigger than your pool of answers.

You’re smart and sharp. You know your stuff. But nothing could prepare you for the challenges that you face today.

What good does it do to have the best strategy, the best trained people, and the most efficient process if you run out of cash trying to do them? We help you answer these questions, and we help you to understand the return on investment and cash flow.

Setting a vision, giving direction, hiring staff, growing sales, managing teams, improving processes, coaching your people—leading a business is a bigger job than ever. And the bottom line to all this is: CASH. Without cash, there’s no vision. Without cash, there’s no staff. Without cash, there are no processes to improve. So how do you balance all of these business issues with an eye on the bottom line and positive cash flow?

We show you how, by combining the elements of effective planning, leading, and managing systems and processes, and cash conversion cycles you can grow your business and make more money and improve cash flow, while reducing stress, turnover, and upsets. What we don’t do is hand you a plan and walk away. We facilitate your planning process, your leadership development, your execution and your employee involvement so that you and your employees own the solutions, and continuously improve results.

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