You get the benefit of our experience, plus you also get the best tools and evaluations on the market to help you make sense of your business, its environment, and the people who make everything happen.

Jerry Hogan offers a wide range of assessment tools to help you understand what is going on in your company and with your people. Here’s just a sampling:

  • D.I.AL.O.G. (Data Indicating Alignment Of Goals): How well do your people understand where you are taking your company? How are their activities helping you get there? How well do they think you’re doing? What needs to change to maximize results while minimizing expense? The D.I.AL.O.G. will give us this information and more. This powerful survey tool provides the insights needed to focus the appropriate resources to accomplish your goals.
  • Attribute Index: We all look at the world through our own eyes, and what we see affects how we make decisions and take action. An understanding of these traits helps us to apply our unique perspectives and coordinate with the perspectives of others to reach the most complete, and well-reasoned decisions for our organizations.
  • Behavioral Profiles: What are we most likely to do under any given set of circumstances? How will we respond to stress, change, and others? How are we perceived, and what challenges in communication and collaboration are caused by others’ perception of us, and ours of them? By understanding people’s unique manners of behavior, we can communicate more effectively, work together more effectively, and accomplish more either as a team, or through our individual efforts.
  • Values and Motivators: People do what they do for a reason: they are motivated by those intrinsic standards that they value. By understanding what motivates an individual, we can help provide an environment that is conducive to achievement and provides the types of rewards that will ensure success. Likewise, we can understand what environments may not be advantageous to certain individuals, and can thus avoid costly hiring errors.


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