You talk with your people every day. But do you know them?

Even your best, most together employees don’t understand themselves sometimes. Something nags them. A joke turns into an argument. A delay becomes a lost opportunity. Or worse yet, no one is talking.

You’ve tried everything from meetings to memos to emails and nothing seems to help. In fact, these seemingly “right” approaches may be making the problem worse. Eventually the thought becomes: “Why bother? They don’t care. And we’re here to make money, not friends, so let’s just get on with business, and let the “people problems” sort themselves out. If people don’t like it here, they’ll eventually leave, and then we can find people who will fit in better.” The problem with this approach is that it is costing your company money—a lot of money, not to mention the emotional capital that you are spending trying to get people to just get along.

The causes of miscommunication and non-communication are myriad, as are the solutions. As with all problem-solving processes, it’s important to first understand the implications of the problem, then uncover the root causes. Communication issues are often addressed by treating symptoms and the results are less than acceptable. We have the tools and the experience to deliver results that will make your company a more pleasant place to work—leading to greater productivity and profits.



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