Five of the most painful words in hiring: “But he interviewed so well.”

Putting an awesome person into the wrong job is like towing a trailer with a Ferrari. It’s a great vehicle with plenty of power, but it’s really designed for something else. Training won’t make the change that you need—that’s like giving the Ferrari a different trailer hitch. Your business needs the best people, but they need to fit your culture and work in the right positions.

Jerry Hogan and The Resource Development Group LLC provides tools to help you determine if that “great” candidate is really a “great” fit. We help you to understand the behavioral characteristics that are needed to master the positions open in your company, and we help you to know which prospective employees are most likely to demonstrate those characteristics. By matching the “best” styles needed in the job with the attributes of the prospective employee, you can hire not only great skills, but great job and talent fits as well.

Bottom line: Productive employees working in harmony with others aligned to your vision.

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